Are Thoughts Real? Do They Create Life On Another Scale?

Your ideas create life on one other scale.

First and foremost is your propensity to assume that some issues are actual or one thing and a few issues are unreal and are principally nothing. You come to that assumption due to your immersion within the bodily system of actuality, and you may barely see past the restrictions that your perceptions impose on you, and that psychologically imprisons you.

To you a rock is one thing, a mountain is one thing, and each are rock strong, at the very least to your restricted perceptions, so you’d name them actual.

If I steered to you that a thought is simply as actual, strong and enduring, you’d in all probability nonetheless classify it as unreal, nebulous, fantasy, imaginative and fleeting at greatest. A thought is simply as actual or unreal as a rock, all of it will depend on notion.

I should persistently stated that the surface, exterior objects and occasions that you simply understand are solely the outer camouflage, overlay shells that exist solely due to the inside sample that helps the outer materialized and perceivable type. Your senses play tips on you when you should use them, however you need to start to open up new vistas of internal perceptions which you additionally possess.

The fact is that nothing is absolutely strong, concrete, everlasting and enduring to your Soul/Entity.

Thought is the one true actuality, and every part else is true solely to your outer senses. When you assume, you create one thing very actual someplace. Every thought is power projected right into a artistic act and can’t be withdrawn. In that sense, each thought is everlasting. It can and can change type as all creations should, however it can by no means dissipate, be destroyed or stop to exist.

Where it should exist is the query that we have to reply.

Other necessary components within the artistic course of are the “Intensity? and “period” of the thought, and these qualities of depth and period, largely decide the vacation spot of the thought. The first itsy, bitsy, tiny, seemingly most innocuous thought initiates a creation of type of some type. I should qualify that assertion as a result of there are numerous forms of matter, some which have sure qualities which might be distinctive to your world, however there are different worlds with their very own intensities of matter with which you’re unfamiliar.

There are many actuality methods that aren’t matter based mostly in any respect, and I use this comparability for rationalization functions solely, so do not take this actually, however some actuality methods make the most of “spirit-like type” in that they make the most of atoms in a completely overseas method and the ensuing construction is just not skilled as bodily matter.

Having stated that, even whenever you assume a thought that you do not keep in mind a couple of minutes later, the creation of that thought into some type of perceivable construction has begun, the die is forged, and the one remaining query is when or the place will that thought materialize. Please keep in mind that not all matter is identical as yours. You can solely assume one thought at a time, so once you need to assume one other thought, you need to jettison the earlier thought earlier than a brand new);

There are numerous fields of actuality, dimensions of exercise, worlds and universes that exist outdoors of your personal acquainted world and universe. There are universes inside universes, dimensions inside universes and different worlds and dimensions that share the identical area as your acquainted Earth.

They are usually not on the identical frequency intensities as your world, they usually do not take up any area, as your world does not actually take up any area. There is not any lack of area for all of those platforms for consciousness to occupy, discover, achieve information and increase.

The Dream universe and the After Death Dimension, for example, share the identical area as your Earth, but there isn’t a overcrowding, and though they share the identical area, they’re mild years aside in psychological depths that I can’t clarify presently.

It is sufficient to know that they exist, and NO, you aren’t alone by any stretch of the creativeness.

Some of those different techniques are extra elementary than yours, however most are much more advanced and sophisticated.

After going into that for a bit of background info, let me proceed with the journey of a thought. Once thought, a thought is everlasting, often not in the identical configuration that’s was at its inception, since, being shaped from power, it should change, simply as power modifications because it interacts with itself because it too evolves and positive aspects in stature via the centuries. Energy needs to materialize, to be recognized. Energy doesn’t like anonymity.

Thoughts carry their very own burden of generalized consciousness, small, but legitimate and everlasting. A thought, at its inception is an incipient object or occasion, to be materialized as one thing, someplace, someday.

When you consider a desk, immediately a desk is within the strategy of getting into your subject of notion, given sufficient depth of want and period of the thought. Along with expectation, given the primary two criterion are met, a desk will materialize in your world.

If the will, period and expectation usually are not enough, then it won’t actualize in your world, however should actualize someplace. It should discover its personal “consolation dimension” that may greatest accommodate it..

If your want shouldn’t be enough and also you drop the thought, so there isn’t a considerable period then it won’t obtain sufficient impetus to materialize in your world, and this will likely appear unusual, however no thought goes homeless.

It will materialize, not as the ever present desk that we’ve so typically mentioned, however as one thing else, maybe as a cloud in a world the place tables don’t exist. I know this can be a attain, however I have to make it clear the ideas are as actual as rocks or pyramids in your world. In this huge abundance of common actuality, nothing is wasted, and all power will try and actualize in some type, someplace.

Because you can’t see, really feel, style, hear or odor a thought, doesn’t imply that it has no actuality of its personal, it simply signifies that it has a actuality past the attain of your senses. Thoughts that don’t meet the criterion to materialize within the Earth system, will discover their very own degree of actualization in one in every of numerous different methods out there to it. Of course, the considered a desk will probably be unrecognizable to inhabitants of the world the place they do obtain materialization.

This is one thing that must be recognized, though it isn’t actually pertinent to this text, however each object and occasion created by way of thought, additionally exists in all different worlds in diversified types that maintain no resemblance to the matter created Earth object or occasion.

Again, this isn’t pertinent to this text, however you would rightly say that all the things exists all over the place, simply not in the identical type. The patterns differ in every system the place it actualizes as one thing distinctive to the kind of beings that understand it. Your ideas exist in additional worlds and universes than you understand.

All bodily matter possesses consciousness; it’s you who classifies and categorizes what falls inside your particular traits of what dwelling matter is and what it isn’t. An atom resides matter, however you wouldn’t name it so, since you can’t sense its life pressure.

When you assume a thought, in a really actual sense, you’re creating matter with some restricted diploma of consciousness, you’re making a acutely aware type, and all consciousness resides. Even although you won’t agree, it actually does not make any distinction; it nonetheless is to some extent, self conscious and dwelling by itself scale.

The fact is that each atom and even the smaller particles similar to electrons, have an elementary, generalized consciousness, so when your ideas drive atoms into type, their small consciousness varieties a gestalt combination consciousness, perhaps not falling into your classification of “alive consciousness”, however nonetheless conscious of itself.

When the Soul or Entity wishes to create a brand new character, it creates you, a main dwelling organism utilizing the very same course of. You, as a creation of your soul, carry the identical latent talents as your soul/entity, despite the fact that chances are you’ll not have the ability to activate and use them right now. Nevertheless, you’re soul stuff and there are not any limitations to your future improvement.

When you assume a considered one other human being, you create a secondary dwelling development that doesn’t carry the identical diploma of self-consciousness as you could have, but, nonetheless a dwelling development, albeit with a extra restricted sense of self-consciousness. It will then go its personal means, settle into one other system, evolve and progress and can sometime stand in the identical place as you now stand. Being created, it has achieved individuality and independence from its creator, you, and you haven’t any management over its expertise.

It have to be understood that this new secondary character is actual, however not bodily. At this level, it exists in a non-bodily universe, applicable for these sorts of constructions.

This newly created organism might be free and unbiased, and you’ll not affect its life in its system one iota. All personalities resembling you’re additionally free and unbiased and though you’re a part of your Soul/Entity, you’ve got complete freedom of selection and can comply with your personal inclinations, whereas nonetheless present inside the area);

The paradox is that you’re a part of your Soul/Entity, however nonetheless you’re free and unbiased and can go your personal method, evolve and grow to be a part of different consciousness gestalts. When you have been created by your Entity, you got complete freedom to roam the universe and past and expertise.

In so doing you fulfill your wants and the wants of your Soul and Entity. In reality when your consciousness is projected into the Earth actuality system by your Soul, it primarily loses management over you as a character.

It can’t have an effect on your life a method or one other, aside from to ultimately withdraw its continued expenditure of power and ultimately convey concerning the disintegration of the bodily physique, which is inevitable in all bodily constructions.

No matter what the Entity thinks of your decisions or selections, it’s incapable of adjusting them. You are then, by yourself, and your personal “thought creations” will comply with their very own paths of improvement. Once a thought has been thunk, you primarily you have got already misplaced management over it.

If the Entity can’t have an effect on the lifetime of its dwelling personalities, then it will be folly to assume that you may have an effect on the life, regardless of the size of that life, of one among your thought creations.

If you consider an individual, you create a psychic picture, however you wouldn’t have the power of the entity to create a dwelling character, within the conventional sense. What you do create is a “thought type character” that may floor someplace.

As a secondary development, it won’t carry the identical talents that you’ve presently, however it might evolve and progress. Once projected, you can’t have an effect on it or have any management over it, and it’s misplaced to you endlessly. I ought to emphasize, that there really are not any limitations to future development for any type of consciousness.

The fantasies you bask in can’t have an effect on the lifetime of this “thought type character”, however they will drastically have an effect on yours and right here you’ll be able to apply the rule that like attracts like. The extra vivid the ideas, the higher the have an effect on can be on you.

No thought is ever wasted and continues to exist in a single type or one other, it is going to settle into an applicable electrical dimension the place thought creations predominate.

Thank you on your questions, and I hope this text has helped. Because of the richness of actuality, this materials isn’t straightforward to understand, with persistence understanding will come, and every little thing will clear up.

I encourage readers to submit their questions utilizing the feedback hyperlink on the underside of this web page. I can’t promise that I will reply all questions, however an try will probably be made to reply these which might be inside my scope of understanding. As you study and develop, so do I study and develop, and your questions assist each of us on this enlargement of consciousness.