August Thoughts

August M

“The sluggard says `There is a lion within the street…” (Proverbs 26:thirteen). We assume there are big lions on our roads of life. One is worry of failure. Jesus by no means thought-about success or failure in His life; He merely went on with obligation and love after which was crucified for His efforts. The fearful man is a fruitless man as a result of he’s fearful. “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes maintain of your proper hand and says to you, Do not worry, I will make it easier to” (Isaiah forty one:thirteen). Much has been written on the desire of God, however His guarantees are His wills for us. “…Before [you] name, I will reply; whereas [you] are nonetheless talking, I will hear” (Isaiah sixty five:24). Blessed guarantees!

August P

“Before I shaped you within the womb I knew you, earlier than you have been born I set you aside…” (Jeremiah B:H). “The start of slightly baby reveals God; the helplessness of a bit youngster proves windfall; the innocence of a bit of baby illustrates heaven; the dying of just a little baby implies immortality. Surely no infant despatched into an earthly house, even however for a day, and bequeathing these lovely and stylish classes might be thought to have come and gone in useless.” W.S. Alger. “But when God, who set me aside from start and referred to as me by His grace” (Galatians M:15). Yes, He deliberate–and nonetheless plans–for us.

August A

“…Pick out a number of the better of your circumstances, and think about how eagerly you would want for them, have been they not in your possession.” Marcus Aurelius. We miss what we do not have, and we miss it doubly if we as soon as had it after which lose it: the beloved one who was with us final Christmas however whose place is empty this yr; the primary love of spiritual awakening gone due to neglect, and so on. It may do us good to visualise our cherished one’s chair as empty and thank our Creator that it is not. Let us recognize these we have now whereas we might and, allow us to keep in mind, the perfect of circumstances is at the moment.

August A

“Touch Me and see…” (Luke 24:39). My good friend, contact My anguished coronary heart and settle for My compassion; contact My eyes and see what I see; contact My ears and know that I hear your pleadings; contact My pierced arms that maintain you near My personal human coronary heart; contact My arms that maintain you up when human power can not maintain; contact My pierced ft that stroll earlier than you that you could be stroll in My footsteps; contact the all of Me and see that I am flesh and bone as your personal flesh and bone. I need you to ask of Me. Yes, I perceive your doubts and fears. My son and daughter, stroll with Me and contact Me for I am your Friend.

August H

The lady was crying. “My good friend from church got here and she or he informed me I do not have sufficient religion or God would heal me. But my physician advised me it is terminal.” It is merciless for a professing lover of God to inform a dying individual she or he hasn’t sufficient religion. God doesn’t heal everybody. We do not know why; the key belongs with God. Is it any marvel some individuals hate God once they hear this nonsense? It’s unhappy sufficient to witness dying, however it’s a fair worse sorrow to select up the items left behind by Job’s comforters who overlook that God provides grace to the dying in addition to to the dwelling. This is what we will share.

August S

“How blessed you’ll be, sowing your seed by each stream…” (Isaiah 32:20), so…”Let us not grow to be weary in doing good, for on the correct time we’ll reap a harvest if we don’t hand over” (Galatians S:N), “…Because you already know that the Lord will reward everybody for wahtever good he does…” (Ephesians S:H). There is a regulation of religious reciprocity, and it’s God’s justice. The first of Murphy’s Laws whimsically states that no good deed goes unpunished. It could seem so at occasions, however our God does not work that method. Justice might be achieved in a method we might not see for now. This is yet one more of God’s marvelous wills for us.

August S

Charles Darwin wrote: “If I needed to reside my life once more, I would have made a rule to learn some poetry and take heed to some music at the least as soon as every week; for maybe the elements of my mind now atrophied would thus have been stored lively by means of use. The lack of these tastes is a lack of happiness, and should probably be injurious to the mind, and extra in all probability to the ethical character, by enfeebling the emotional a part of our nature.” Without the finer features, we starve what is sweet and noble, simply as really as we might starve the physique if we did not eat every day. Good poetry, music and artwork are God’s presents to make life sweeter.

August H

Leslie Paul, in The Annihilation of Man, wrote about Charles Darwin: “What occurred to Darwin has in a approach occurred to the entire of Western civilization: it ceased to know or to worth, as an entire, something however the materialistic interpretation of the universe; its religious life has subsequently fallen into decay; it’s not capable of assume within the phrases which might give it launch from its jail. A blinded Samson, it brings down the temple.” True mores give option to grasping mores; noblesse oblige to oblige for the sake of comfort. God forgive us for defacing the great and goodness He has given us.

August N

“…I beg you to take heed to me patiently” (Acts 26:3c). How many occasions we’ve got wished somebody would pay attention. What a present to offer to others: to bear and endure with them. Elderly individuals particularly want one other’s ear and coronary heart. “Nature has given to males one tongue, however two ears, that we might hear from others twice as a lot as we converse” (Epictetus). “Let the clever pay attention and add to their studying” (Proverbs M:H). We say once more, how sensible the Bible is. The much less we are saying, the much less hassle we’ll accumulate. Every individual can train us one thing, if solely a lesson in what we should always or should not be or do.

August 10

“Peace I depart with you; My peace I give to you…Do not let your hearts worry…” (John 14:27). “The extra quietly and peaceably all of us get on the higher–the higher for ourselves [and] for our neighbors. In 9 instances out of ten the wisest coverage is, if a person cheats you, give up coping with him; if he’s abusive, give up his firm; if he slanders you, take care to reside in order that no one will consider him: regardless of who he’s, or how he misuses you, the wisest method is usually to let him alone; for there’s nothing higher than this cool, calm, quiet approach of coping with the wrongs we meet with” (Bishop Patrick).

August eleven

Indifference or involvement? “But a Samaritan…when he noticed him he took pity on him…and bandaged his wounds…” (Luke 10:33,34). The others handed by, even the priest, however the one whose identify was a by-phrase of reproach, one considered alien and foreigner, that is the very one who bandaged his wounds and took him to the inn and paid for his care. Here, then, is real love, for the Samaritan did not know the person, however maybe due to his personal place as an outcast, he understood his wants and ministered to the half-lifeless man. S Father, assist us to go and do likewise!

August 12

Some college students at Oxford heard that Rudyard Kipling was getting a shilling a phrase for his writings. They determined to play a joke on him they usually wrote, “Please ship us certainly one of your phrases.” Kipling instantly despatched again the sudden “Thanks.” Whately stated, “It is usually true that each one that’s required to make males unmindful of what they owe to God for any blessing, is, that they need to obtain that blessing typically and often.” “I will ship down showers in season; there will probably be showers of blessing” (Ezekiel 34:26b). Our hassle, so human, is in recognizing the refreshing and restoring showers of life.

August thirteen

“…Prepare a visitor room for me, as a result of I hope to be restored to you in reply to your prayers” (Philemon 22). What religion! Paul was that positive of their prayers. “Pray for one another…The prayer of a righteous [person] is highly effective and efficient” (James H:sixteen). “I exhort…that…intercessions…be made for all…” (M Timothy P:M). When a liked one is dying bodily or spiritually, we intercede with the God of affection. When we pray for our beloved, we’re each raised earlier than His presence. The prayer of the proper-minded individual modifications human will into Divine will and keenness into submission for us each.

August 14

The Election Law is as follows: God has one vote, and that’s for you; the satan has one vote, and that’s towards you; you will have one vote, and it’s that vote which decides the election. “The Lord is just not sluggish in preserving His promise…He is affected person with you, not wanting anybody to perish, however everybody to return to repentance” (P Peter A:N). “For God so liked the world, that He gave His one and solely Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish however have everlasting life” (John O:sixteen). “He predestined us to be adopted as His sons by means of Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and can” (Ephesians M:H).

August 15

Someone we love deeply is in hassle of thoughts and physique. Let us pray for our pal through the use of the phrases “our” and “we” and “us” to our Father: “[We] love you, A Lord, [our] power…In [our] misery [we] referred to as to the Lord; [we] cried to [our] God for assist. From his temple he hear [our] voices; [our] cry got here earlier than him into his ears” (Psalm 18:M,S). Our cherished one could also be too ailing in physique and coronary heart to wish, so allow us to take his or her prayer earlier than the throne and supply it to the One who can perceive all hurts and relieve all burdens. Yes, “The Lord is [our] rock…and [our] deliverer…” (Psalm 18:P).

August sixteen

“Though my father and my mom forsake me, the Lord will obtain me” (Psalm 27:10). When her son dedicated suicide she determined she want to know who her actual father was–he had forsaken her single mom. Perhaps there can be a clue to the son’s despondency to the purpose of self-destruction. She joined a gaggle that searches for family members. As she listened month after month to tales of fruitless calls and journeys, and the hundreds of dollars and a few years wasted, she knew then she did not have to know who her father was–for she knew who her Father is, and that was all she wanted);

August 17

“Is it attainable that there’s no one amongst you clever sufficient to guage a dispute between believers? But as an alternative, one…goes to regulation towards one other–and this in entrance of unbelievers!” (M Corinthians S:H,S). The cry of the land appears to be, “Sue ’em!” When Mickey Mouse will get sued for by accident stepping on Precious’ toes, we’re in serious trouble. Then there was the go well with initiated by Daddy as a result of his candy little woman did not get her toy from the Cracker Jack field. Here was his golden alternative to inform the little princess the tooth fairy does not all the time get there, and life isn’t all the time truthful. Where are sensible minds to maintain us out of the courts?

August 18

“The garment of reward…” (Isaiah sixty one:A). “A individuals can’t be regenerated by educating them the worship of enjoyment; they can’t be taught a spirit of sacrifice by chatting with them of fabric rewards…Say to males, Come, endure; you’ll starvation and thirst…be betrayed, cursed; however you will have a fantastic obligation to perform: they are going to be deaf, maybe, for a very long time, to the extreme voice of advantage; however on the day that they do come to you, they’ll come as heroes, and might be invincible.” Mazzani.

August 19

“`Come now,’ he stated, `I thought you had agreed to forgive and overlook.’ She replied: `Sure, however I don’t need you to overlook that I have forgiven and forgotten.'” Leslie S. Smith, This Love of Ours. M.J. Lewis wrote, “Everyone says forgiveness is a stunning concept, till they’ve one thing to forgive.” He additionally wrote, “It shouldn’t be that folks assume forgiveness is just too excessive and troublesome a advantage. No! It is that they assume it a hateful and contemptible one.” Corrie ten Boom, in The Hiding Place, tells about forgiveness. She, too, cried from her cross, “Father, forgive them…”

August 20

Jonah wasn’t about to let God get away with forgiveness. God was happy the individuals of Nineveh repented, however “Jonah was tremendously displeased and have become indignant…`I knew that you’re a gracious and compassionate God, sluggish to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity'” (Jonah A:M,P). Jonah was so indignant he was even prepared to die: “Now, S Lord, take away my life…” (v.A). Absurd! The prodigal son’s brother (Luke 15) wasn’t in any respect pleased concerning the consideration and the forgiveness his father gave to that black sheep, both. As we forgive, we’re forgiven (Matthew S:14). It’s one other religious regulation of reciprocity.

August 21

“She is clothed with power and dignity…” (Proverbs 31:25). Strength: vitality, braveness, effectiveness, fervor, stamina and skill; Dignity: decorum, composure, reserve, honor and stability. This is substantial clothes for the woman of the home and world to put on day-after-day for it assures heat and well being. True ladies’s liberation has all the time been to make others’ lives much less burdensome. Woman just isn’t the weaker intercourse; she is the gentler intercourse and ought to be the happier for it. Abrasiveness is so in contrast to our Jesus.

August 22

Choices: Proselyte or parasite? Conduit or name-it-quits? Kisses or cusses? Discuss or fuss? Mingling or singling? Underline or undermine? Humorist or fatalist? Charles Lamb stated, “The measure of selecting nicely is whether or not a person likes what he has chosen.” Choose this very day who and what we’ll serve, and in that selection might be seen what we like nicely sufficient to serve. But allow us to have perception sufficient to know whether or not our decisions will probably be constructive or damaging to religious, psychological and bodily life. We can’t serve two masters. God has informed us there isn’t a selection if we really love Him with all of our coronary heart.

August 23

Great liberty is accorded the praying man, if solely the guts is in rapport with God. People pray kneeling: M Kings H:fifty four, Ezra N:H, Daniel S:10, Acts 20:36; standing: Jeremiah 18:20; sitting: P Samuel S:18; mendacity prostrate: Matthew 26:39; silently: B Samuel B:thirteen; aloud: Ezekiel eleven:thirteen; alone: Mark M:35, Matthew S:S; collectively: Psalm 35:18, Matthew 18:19, Acts A:31; at fastened occasions: Psalm fifty five:17, Daniel S:10; in all places: M Timothy P:H; in mattress: Psalm sixty three:S; at any time: Luke 18:M; spontaneously: Matthew S:S; and for every part: Philippians A:S, Genesis 24:12-14, B Timothy P:B-A. God hungers for our fellowship, not our posture.

August 24

Is our hope a cable or a cobweb? “…Christ Jesus, who’s our hope…” (B Timothy M:M NAS). That phrase is is, current tense, a proper-now conviction that there’s a probability of assist: “God is our refuge and power, a really current assist [and hope] in hassle” (Psalm forty six:M). The verse does not delineate the difficulty; it solely tells us we may have assist once we want it. Our hope is our good friend. It is Christian hope that helps us to bear the burdens of life. We could also be on the finish of our rope, and that’s precisely when God reaches down and pulls that very rope–and us–as much as Him. So our hope is God’s rope.

August 25

“He drew me out of deep waters” (Psalm 18:16b). “And…the Israelites went via the ocean on dry floor, with a wall of water on their proper and on their left” (Exodus 14:22). All lastly have a Red Sea expertise. What issues is, can we drown or can we forge forward? “Why are you crying out to Me…transfer on” (v.15). “…The Lord drove the ocean again…and turned it into dry land” (v.21). Our obligation is to consider God will maintain His guarantees of a dry land whereas we undergo the waters of affliction. The waters develop into partitions of safety, as God brings us by means of to deliverance.

August 26

“We don’t have a excessive priest who’s unable to sympathize with our weaknesses…” (Hebrews A:15a). He is touched with the sensation of our infirmities. As we comply with in His steps, we discover sacred blood within the footprints. As He touches our hearts, we see the nail prints in His arms. How can we not be influenced by such a thought as this, that the best turned the least that we the least may rise out of our depths to His heights? In the darkish night time of our soul how a lot it eases the ache to know Jesus has gone earlier than us and marked the trail and pushed apart hindrances to make a transparent approach for us.

August 27

We crave pleasure, so the TV writers rack empty brains to provide you with increasingly more violence and stupidity to satiate what they understand to be an endless urge for food for grossness, gruesomeness and silliness. Years in the past Alexander Pope left us this grand epigram for addicts of the perverse: “Vice is a monster of so frightful mein/As to be hated wants however to be seen;/Yet seen too oft, acquainted with her face,/We first endure, then pity, then embrace.” Sometimes sure packages are preempted so one thing else could be proven. The drawback is, widespread sense, decency, literacy, love, hope and pleasure have been preempted years in the past. TV is seen a lot too oft! And what a waste of God’s time….

August 28

Christianity shouldn’t be solely believing the unimaginable however doing it as properly. Philippians A:thirteen tells us, “I can do ALL issues via Him who strengthens me.” That ALL covers all of it. That means all the, full, entire of life. It is the “biggest potential,” the “all types of,” the “any no matter” of life. It is the ALL of Romans H:28, that superb rod and employees of the grieving: “We know that God causes ALL issues to work collectively for good to those that love God, to those that are referred to as based on His function.” I know (knowledge) I can (risk) do (accomplishment) all (religion) issues by any means He asks.

August 29

Ten Commandments for a great marriage:

B) List your partner’s good factors;

P) List your unfavourable contributions;

O) If potential, learn God’s Word collectively;

A) Use your creativeness to visualise your self loving your partner;

H) Let God have the final phrase;

S) Forgive, as God has already forgiven;

S) Give because of God for this individual; H) Don’t talk about issues with associates who thought the wedding a mistake;

N) Be grateful for this set of circumstances; it might imply progress;

10) Make the primary transfer: “I’m sorry; forgive me,” no matter it takes to get the wedding again on God’s monitor.

August 30

“The valuable possession of a person is diligence” (Proverbs 12:27b NAS); “But if anybody doesn’t present for his kin…he has denied the religion and is worse than an unbeliever” (M Timothy H:H). We stay in an age of lotteries and legalized playing: the get-wealthy-fast schemes of those that get wealthy shortly off the schemes. The common man should work day by day. Jesus the carpenter labored, and the servant shouldn’t be higher than the Master. “…Nor did we eat anybody’s meals with out paying for it. On the opposite, we labored night time and day, laboring and toiling in order that we might not be a burden to any of you” (P Thessalonians A:H). Work is a divine appointment.

August 31

“He…was…asleep…; they usually awoke Him and stated to Him, “`Teacher, do You not care that we’re perishing?'” (Mark A:38 NAS). Many a weary and grieving soul has cried this. Storms are sudden and devastating. Is God sleeping by means of our turmoil? It is a cry of religion that is aware of the Master can save us, and but non-religion, for we’re tempted to ask if He will save us. We sleep by means of every others’ Gethsemane moments, simply because the disciples slept by way of Jesus’ agony: “Could you…not maintain watch with Me for one hour?” (Matthew 26:forty). When our ship appears to be sinking, allow us to keep in mind that our extremity is God’s alternative to point out His love.