Focus on Positive Thoughts – Tools of Life

Dear Loved Ones,

Good day to you all and I love you on this Friday, January fifth, 2007.

Welcome to all the brand new readers. It is with nice pleasure that I deliver you these Insights.

Today’s Insight is comparable to this:




M Positive thought + M Positive thought = P Positive ideas

P Positive ideas + P Positive ideas = A Positive ideas

= Clarity, Peace and extra

A constructive ideas + A Positive ideas = H Positive ideas

Trust me, I know you’ll be able to add.

B Negative thought + B Negative thought = P Negative ideas);

P Negative ideas + P Negative ideas = A Negative ideas

= Confusion, Despair and extra

A Negative ideas + A Negative ideas = H Negative ideas

Do you get the image thus far all you Beautiful Loved Ones?

All the Positive, Empowering, Enhancing, Wonderful Loving ideas add to Wholeness and Light.

All the Negative, Weak, Dis-empowering, Closed and Limiting ideas add to Fragmentation and Darkness.

Now what selection do we’ve? Plenty!

We can begin by specializing in ++++ ideas. Even in onerous occasions. It’s referred to as Hope, Faith and Trust. Or we will concentrate on —— ideas. Which in truth does trigger dis-ease.

I invite us all to comprehend that we’re greater than what we consider we’re. Truly these usually are not simply Nice phrases to learn someday and transfer on. Truly these are phrases to stay by.

Let us all begin to Subtract our Negative ideas from our collective minds. To certainly Enhance and Change not solely our lives, however the Whole planet via our thought patterns.

I encourage all of us to start out realizing that we’re all Special and Unique in our personal Special methods. Again I have to be very Clear, as a result of God and Whole Universe Loves us a lot that desires us to be Happy, Joyful, At Peace and At Ease inside and with out);

Let us all use our Will to Change our lives for the Better for we’re Worthy and Deserving of dwelling a lifetime of Serenity and Tranquility.

Please be happy to share these Insights with All to Create Oneness.

May the Love and Light of God and the Universe encompass and shield you, your family members and the planet earth.

Positive, Newness, Energizing and a life filled with Amazing and Wonderful expectations for us all.

With Gratitude,

Michelle Morovaty

With God All Things Are Possible