Happiness – How to Identify Your False Ideas and Thoughts

Just like everybody else, we’re holding false concepts and ideas. While a few of them trigger us little or no hassle, some others make us anxious, indignant, responsible, depressed, unhappy, and discouraged. The excellent news is we actually do not need to maintain holding these false concepts and ideas — which trigger us to really feel depressing and sad — till we die.

The first step in altering our unhealthy ideas is for us to determine them. That isn’t all the time so simple as we might imagine as a result of lots of them are held unconsciously. In different phrases, we’re considering these false concepts and ideas kind of routinely — that’s, with out actually realizing that we achieve this. And not solely are we used to considering them, however these very considering habits — like lots of our different habits — are current in us with out our figuring out);

To determine our unhealthy ideas, we will first proceed by deduction. As a matter of reality, it’s typically simpler — no less than, initially — to turn into conscious of the best way we really feel. Since the identical feelings are all the time brought on by the identical concepts, it is going to then be attainable for us to determine the concepts underlying our feelings after first figuring out our emotional state.

Similarly, we will additionally proceed by direct statement of our internal language. We can typically put our finger on a few of our false concepts and ideas whereas merely taking note of the phrases we converse — internally and externally. Another method is to ask individuals who know us properly to assist us determine our unhealthy ideas. Since these individuals are outdoors of us, they often can hear us assume extra clearly than we do it ourselves.

Finally, not solely will the content material of my upcoming articles level out probably the most prevalent misconceptions — those that usually make human beings really feel depressing and sad — however it will most likely allow you to acknowledge the presence of those false concepts and ideas in your self);

After figuring out an unhealthy thought, the next step shall be for us to query and problem it. Not solely “disputing” false concepts and ideas is among the strongest therapeutic technique ever invented, nevertheless it was invented hundreds of years in the past by numerous philosophers — a few of them Asian, and others Greek and Roman.

My subsequent article will purpose to reveal how we will use the “disputing” technique to boost our degree of happiness and enhance the standard of our lives. Stay tuned!