Thoughts Are Energy, Thoughts Are Things

The immense Universe is a gigantic power-community by which every part and each individual is related at an lively degree.

There is just one Source of life that expresses itself by means of individual, animal, plant or mineral.

Nothing is separated from this energetic community.

Quantum-physics found this fact way back.

Matter just isn’t as strong because it appears to be.

Matter is a endless motion of sunshine-particles which are stored in a sure type by invisible powers.

Scientists are discovering that, analyzing any matter till the very tiniest parts, past atoms and subatomic particles, all of it comes down to at least one seen primal substance from which all originates

Matter in its essence is “Solidified Spirit”. Particles of photon (particles of sunshine) solidified or lowered in vibration in such a approach that we as human beings can understand them.

This Universal Spirit or Primal Substance is on the foundation of every part that’s strong, liquid, fuel or ethereal.

Every individual, animal, plant or mineral originates from it.

They all have a unique look, however are all “born” from the identical “Source”.

They solely differ in composition and vibration.

We are all one with Source, that manifests itself in each dwelling being.

In essence there isn’t any distinction between us and different beings.

Every being is an expression of the Life Force, however in a unique and distinctive state of improvement and expression.

Some want to name this Force, God, some name it Allah, Brahma, Cosmos, Life supply and so forth. and so forth..

What actually is essential is the standard of the relation we’ve got with our dwelling self. The higher the standard, the higher our connection to All-That-Is.

The Universe is a dwelling entity with an indescribable clever working system.

The regulation that’s on the primary of every thing is ” The Law of Attraction” or “The Creating Principle”.

The Law of Attraction signifies that each soul creates his personal actuality based mostly upon his deepest beliefs and convictions of life.

This is a fact that increasingly more individuals uncover of their seek for the which means of stay.

Thoughts are phenomenal creating powers.

Thoughts are the designers of Universal substance and so they’re the creators of our expertise from second to second.

The world as we expertise it, is one nice “reflector” of our inside angle to life, of our internal vibration.

Life Game actually is;

Energy strikes spherical in circles. That signifies that we will solely obtain on the identical wavelength at which we’re tuned into(broadcasting). Somewhat just like the boomerang impact.

Each of us is sender and receiver on the similar second.

Our ideas, emotions, intentions and expectations are nothing else than waves of power that vibrate at a sure power degree.

Once despatched out, these waves hyperlink up with comparable waves and are available again to us in strengthened means.

Compare this to a radio-transmitter.

If we program our radio at 102 Mhz. will probably be inconceivable to obtain something from one other frequency.

We “broadcast” our internal ideas and emotions constantly and appeal to like a magnet all that’s on the identical vibrational degree.

Our most hidden convictions actually by no means keep inside us however are picked up at a deep energetic degree by all beings resonating at our similar power degree.

These are declarations about ourselves which might be registered at a unconscious degree by the world round us.

They are despatched into the universe and related with likewise energies like birds of a feather flock collectively.

You typically hear individuals say; “We are what we expect”. Does this saying maintain a fantastic fact?? Do our ideas actually have such an unlimited affect on our lives?

Years in the past the next check was achieved;

A instructor entered the classroom (the youngsters have been between S and seven years previous) and tells them that it has been confirmed that youngsters with blue eyes are extra clever and smarter than youngsters with inexperienced or brown eyes.

The outcomes have been quick and dramatic. The blue-eyed youngsters began to carry out above their regular degree in all points.

Two month later the instructor calls the youngsters for a particular assembly and tells them that he had made a horrible mistake. He apologises and tells them that it has been confirmed that youngsters with brown and inexperienced eyes are smarter and extra clever.

Again the outcomes have been speedy and dramatic, the blue eyed youngsters began to carry out underneath their regular degree, whereas the brown and inexperienced eyed youngsters began to point out higher outcomes);

Now what does all of this point out?

– If you sincerely consider you’re sensible, you’ll act sensible.

– in the event you consider you’re artistic, you’ll act artistic.

– should you consider you’re a success, you’ll act profitable.

– and so forth. and so forth.

We all stay in accordance the Image we’ve of your self.

This Image we’ve of ourselves is more often than not not created by ourselves however consists of ideas and opinions that different individuals have of us and that they need us to consider.

We in all probability all can recall conditions during which we have been intimidated by remarks of others, which appeared to be harmless however did have a fantastic influence.

Remarks that we’ve carried with us all our life.

It may even be so dangerous, that folks do not consider in themselves anymore and do not dare to undertake something.

They have to first step past their psychological limitations earlier than they will settle for a life with extra freedom.

Most individuals consider solely what they see with their very own eyes. Awakening spirits nevertheless consider BEFORE seeing. They know that energy of the spirit influences all of their actions and human contacts. They are conscious of the Universe Law of Attraction.

The key to freedom is the best way we relate to our ideas and emotions, the convictions we select and an understanding of the truth that we are not any victims of our circumstances.

Freedom seems to be one thing that you simply CHOOSE and CREATE and never one thing that occurs to you since you are by “coincidence” in a sure place or meet sure individuals or are fortunate.

– Thoughts that you simply repeat on a regular basis turn into your convictions.

– These convictions evoke internal IMAGES.

– These internal Images affect our feeling or feelings.

– Repeated feelings create a sample of behaviour or a behavior.

– Habits categorical themselves by means of radiation.

– This radiation creates our life expertise.

– Our life expertise confirms our beliefs.

An instance:

Think for example of the fulfilment of a dream you’ve got. Together with this considering your creativeness is available in motion mechanically. You see your self in a fulfilled state of affairs with all the great particulars there. These pictures evoke a sense of happiness, pleasure, gratitude, and so on.

The extra you “play” with these emotions the extra they turn out to be a sample, a behavior that turns into a foundation of your actions.

Eventually you radiate this to the world round you and others begin to deal with you in a method that ranges your emotions.

What you expertise (sudden fortunate/fortune, sudden encounters, and so forth) confirms the preliminary thought that you’re well worth the fulfilment of your goals.

See the way it works?

The similar counts for damaging ideas. If you see your self as small and unworthy, your creativeness searches for affirmation in your unconscious. It finds previous reminiscences of failure, photographs of conditions during which you didn’t succeed and didn’t meet your inside expectations.

These photographs create adverse emotions like frustration, worry and shortcoming. They grow to be a sample; insecurity and lack of self-worth

You will radiate these unfavourable emotions to others and they’ll begin treating you based mostly on this.

If you do not consider in your self, how are you going to anticipate that others do?

Since you don’t consider in your self you’ll expertise extra rejections and fewer luck and fortune in your every day life and communication with others. This once more affirms the essential considered not being ok…

This leads to the next :

– Thought (internal conviction) +

– Imagination (visualisation) +

– Feeling (feelings) +

– Behaviour (habits, actions) +

– Radiation (unconscious affect on the world round) =


Our thoughts has a limiteless capability to study new issues.

We solely use 10% of it.

That means there’s ninety% unexplored.

The most essential step towards the exploration of those latent talents lies in reaching out to this potential.

We have the facility to step out of this mass consciousness and select our personal life-beliefs.

We have to program our unconscious in a constructive method. Remember: what we sow in our unconscious, we’ll harvest within the materials world.

Our thoughts may be our enemy or our ally.

If we inform ourselves “I cannot do that”, we’ll most definitely not succeed.

Our unconscious will instantly discover causes to backup this assertion.

A saying from Henry Ford which is so very true: ” If you assume you’ll be able to, or when you assume you possibly can’t, you’re all the time proper”!!

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