Thoughts: Do Our Thoughts Create Our Feelings?

In current occasions, individuals have turn into extra conscious of how highly effective their ideas are and whereas the facility of 1’s ideas is nothing new, it was not one thing that was as well-known up to now. And the rationale extra individuals are conscious of the facility of their ideas is partly right down to the web.

The web has made info rather a lot simpler to achieve and other people not have to be a part of a sure society or to participate in formal schooling with a purpose to educate themselves. What was classed as hidden information or a ‘secret’ at one time limit is now extensively obtainable on the web.

One has to seek out this data, as it isn’t going to fall on their laps. But if the will is there, then it isn’t going to take a lot effort to return throughout info that might have been close to unattainable for discover up to now.

Self Development

Another issue is the self improvement business and the way a lot of what this business covers pertains to ones ideas. There are in fact, different areas which might be coated, however this is likely one of the foremost areas.

This could possibly be taken as an indication that individuals are turning into extra conscious of themselves and are beginning to expertise larger self management. As against being oblivious to what’s happening inside their heads and feeling that they haven’t any management over their life.

Self Talk

One space that if typically spoken about in relation to ones ideas, is how one talks to themselves. So this pertains to the dialogue that goes on inside one’s thoughts and that is going to play an element in what one does or does not do, amongst different issues

So what one does or does not obtain and the type of behaviour they put up with from others will typically mirror the inside dialog that one has. Based on this, one is both their very own greatest good friend or their very own worst enemy.

Positive Thinking

This is then a part of considering constructive and anticipating good issues to occur, as opposed of anticipating dangerous issues to occur. Here, one focuses on what’s constructive and strikes their consideration away from what’s destructive.

And because the thoughts is sort of a backyard, it makes good sense to put ones consideration on what’s life enhancing. What one focuses on grows, so why would they need to place their consideration on what’s adverse?


This can then trigger one to keep away from something that’s damaging and whereas it could possibly appear to be the suitable factor to do, it may well truly result in issues. As the saying goes – ‘what we resist persists’. It can then result in denial, avoidance and subsequently repression, however then, life is never black and white.

Positive considering is then an essential a part of dwelling a satisfying life and but, it isn’t a panacea. At occasions, one might want to drop the constructive considering and face what must be confronted. But whereas they’re doing this, one can hold a constructive outlook and on the similar time, face what is just not essentially ‘constructive’.


And one other a part of being answerable for one’s ideas is the power to regulate how one feels. One is then utilizing their thoughts to regulate how they really feel and if one has all the time been enslaved to their emotions, that is);

For most of 1’s life, they could have thought that their emotions simply appeared out of nowhere and now, they’re conscious of how this isn’t the case. So in the event that they really feel down and unable to maneuver ahead in life as an example, they’ll give attention to their ideas and see how they should ‘assume in a different way’.

Top Down

Based on this outlook, it’s what’s going on in a single’s head that’s defining how they really feel of their physique. And if one was to consider a state of affairs the place every part goes to plan or imagines individuals responding properly to them, then they’re more likely to really feel good.

On the opposite hand, if one was to consider a state of affairs the place all the things goes incorrect or thinks about an interplay the place one other individual does not reply properly to them, they’re more likely to really feel dangerous.

Complete Control

The thoughts is then seen as having full management relating to how one feels and subsequently, if one believes that it isn’t their ideas that’s inflicting them to really feel a sure approach, it’s as a result of they’re merely unaware of what’s going on of their thoughts. So one might then go about growing their degree of consciousness till they discover the ideas which are inflicting their emotions.

However, what if ones ideas do not all the time outline how they really feel and that is then nothing greater than half fact? On one aspect, this outlook may be dismissed and but, if one has been unable to vary how they really feel by considering in a different way, certainly it will be value wanting into?

Bottom Up

The different aspect of that is that, one’s ideas don’t all the time outline how they really feel. They may set off the emotions which are already of their physique (the unconscious thoughts), however what they do not all the time do is trigger them.

And these emotions might have been trapped in a single’s physique since they have been a child and are subsequently, don’t have anything to do with ones grownup life. The focus is usually on ones ideas and the way highly effective they’re, however as child, one did not have the power the assume. And it’s because their cortex wasn’t developed; they solely had bodily sensations and emotions.


These emotions can then find yourself being trapped within the physique and go onto type the contents of 1’s ‘unconscious thoughts’. How they really feel is then triggered by how one thinks, however it isn’t brought on by how they assume.

And if these emotions weren’t in a single’s physique, they might additionally assume in a different way. Their behaviour would change, as would their notion of life and different individuals. The physique is then an essential space for one to concentrate on in the event that they need to change their life and never simply their thoughts.


Working from the top down is then one choice and ones improvement can be supported by working from the underside up. When it involves working with the thoughts, one may use constructive considering or one thing comparable. And with a view to course of what’s happening within the physique, some sort of physique work shall be wanted.