Thoughts on Homosexuality from a Christian

What about civil rights for Gays in all areas of life? It is claimed “You ought to condemn the sin, however not the sinner”, however it’s so onerous to do for therefore many Christians who think about homosexuality a sin. But that is precisely what we, as Christians, ought to do, as a result of in any case, a gay continues to be a Child of God. And supporting civil rights for Gays doesn’t imply condoning homosexuality. So civil rights for Gays in all areas of life ahould all the time be supported by Christians, besides maybe whenever you’re selecting spiritual leaders who brazenly consider homosexuality to not be a sin. And on a private notice, even when you sre sexually approached by a Gay, you possibly can simply say “No thanks”, if it isn’t your predilection. I did this A occasions throughout my lifetime and had no drawback. What do you assume?

What about marriage for homosexuals? Most Christians really feel that marriage ought to simply be between a person and a lady, however in actuality marriage is just a phrase, and truly you solely should name a dedicated union between homosexuals something you need, as a result of all of the homosexuals need are the identical rights that married couples have in a dedicated relationship. It’s simply one other Civil Rights query once more. And I consider for homosexuals to insist on calling their dedicated relationship a wedding is an enormous mistake. What do you assume?

What about adopting youngsters by homosexuals? If homosexuals have been to undertake youngsters, the youngsters would in all probability lose the daddy and mom position picture that’s widespread in nuclear households, though you’d nonetheless have the human position mannequin picture to comply with. But that is additionally true if the adoption have been made by single individuals as properly, and a number of the position fashions in nuclear households aren’t that nice both. But I assume that the most important drawback that Christians would have regarding this matter, can be that the adoptees might begin emulating the life-type of their gay mother and father. But this may actually be decided by what truly causes homosexuality? Is it environmentally brought about, or is it genetically triggered? What do you assume?


In the Old Testament, homosexuality is certainly labeled as a sin (Lev 18:22), however so far as I can decide, God by no means explains why. I suspect that the rationale at first is perhaps that something that prevented the earth from being populated was a sin (Gen B:28) and homosexuality clearly did that. Whether that reasoning might actually be utilized at present, nevertheless. Is questionable. Nevertheless there might be different the reason why this exercise is perhaps a sin, however Scripture does not appear to disclose some other. Either you need to consider what God simply says, which many individuals do, or you need to search for causes as to why God says this, which some individuals want.

The Gospels don’t condemn homosexuality particularly, however Jesus does say within the Gospels that

He was not going to vary the regulation one iota. (Math H:18). Now what does He actually imply by this, the a lot of the regulation, in the event you learn it (Lev eleven-24), is moderately archaic, and seemingly not meant for right now’s society. If that is the case, then Jesus in all probability was speaking concerning the Spirit of the Law.

In the New Testament with most references to homosexuality, there’s a query as as to if the

phrases are appropriately translated or not, however in Romans M:26-27 Paul undoubtedly signifies that homosexuality is a sin, and for many Christians that is sufficient. But if homosexuality is prompted genetically, does not it go towards Paul’s description of homosexuality as being unnatural? And I suspect it may be triggered genetically normally, as a result of who of their proper thoughts would need to be gay with all of the bigotry it invitations around the globe. Besides, who can be the sufferer right here if this relationship is between P consenting and caring adults? Would God be the sufferer, and really feel it is sinful, if His youngsters aren’t being harm by this relationship?

Here once more, one has to think about whether or not one must be obedient to what God actually says in His Book with out query, or to query the “why” of the assertion earlier than being obedient to it. But a super couple for my part, would nonetheless be a person with a ladies, as a result of biologically they assume in a different way, and the combination of their considering would are likely to make a pair extra full, plus the truth that they’re nonetheless the one couple that may reproduce and develop a brand new era.