Thoughts on Immortality

As I first started to ponder the ascension, I was drawn to think about why issues at present on Earth die and why it’s potential to shift our mindset to create bodily immortality on this planet. Those who’re psychically conscious of different dimensions know that the soul is immortal and lives on in a religious physique after the bodily physique dies; like me, many others have interacted with the spirits of the “deceased” a number of occasions. I have a tough time believing that a benevolent creator would create demise, warfare, hatred, greed, manipulation, destruction, or something that fades away, dies, or perishes. Perishable issues exist as a result of they’re a part of the limitless prospects out there to us as co-creators. Like a veil drawn over human consciousness within the proverbial Garden of Eden, we created the phantasm of separation and it turned a part of O-A Earth actuality. This “fall from oneness” is also called the curse within the Bible. Humans then started to expertise demise of the bodily physique, which previous to that point had been immortal. There is not any point out of demise till the primary animal was slain to offer clothes for the people, who started to see themselves as separate from or deserted and punished by God. Thus, an image of dying was inserted on prime of the image of life that was already within the photograph body of the human expertise. We see this image of demise each day, however the picture of immortal life continues to be behind the scenes for anybody who’s prepared to look behind the veil.

Humans had not created something previous to this time-they solely loved what God had created. Therefore, nothing was labeled as dangerous-it was all good. This curse, which affected the whole Earth: crops, animals, people, and so on. opened to people a full vary of prospects within the Earth aircraft. Thanks to this “fall,” we turned conscious that we might use power similar to ideas, intentions, and feelings to create, see, or expertise something we would like. Having free will and feeling inferior to God, people selected to create from a limiting mindset. Because our ideas, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and phrases are the supplies used to manifest or create our actuality, we introduced dying);

The Bible just isn’t silent regarding immortality and enhanced longevity. We examine many individuals who lived longer than we now do-even with our present medical information and technological intervention in close to-demise crises. Genesis H:H states, “And all the times of Seth have been 9 hundred and twelve years, and he died.” While this sounds inconceivable, it isn’t that farfetched. The physique has the power to always reproduce good cells and maintain the physique in good well being. Some individuals talked about within the Bible didn’t die in any respect. Elijah was whisked away in a chariot of fireside, probably a UFO or his mild physique (P Kings P:eleven and Ezekiel M:A-26).

The soul is already immortal. The physique might be. Death is everlasting life with out your physique. Ascension is everlasting life together with your bodily physique. If you are trying to ascend you need to understand that your physique goes with you into the upper realms (typically referred to as the afterlife). In order to do that, the physique should vibrate at a quicker fee, lose density, and develop into spirit matter.

Master Saint Germain gave this message in Unveiled Mysteries (authored by Godfrey Ray King): “Eternal Youth is the Flame of God abiding within the physique of man-the Father’s Gift of Himself to His Creation. Youth and great thing about each thoughts and physique can solely be stored completely by these people who’re robust sufficient to close out discord, and whoever does that may and can categorical Perfection and keep it.” So a lot for all these anti-ageing lotions! The fountain of youth shouldn’t be in a jar or tube; it is contained in our ideas and emotions! As we rack up Earth years, we accumulate detrimental power when we don’t diligently guard our hearts (emotions/feelings).

During a bodily lifetime, a human being that attains the state of immortality known as an ascended grasp. He or she has mastered or overcome the cycle of demise and rebirth (reincarnation) by perfecting themselves via religious purification practices, which eliminated all their karma. Below, I will point out some who’ve achieved immortality:

• In Buddhist historical past fairly a couple of masters have achieved this, and the grasp who’s most properly-recognized for this achievement is Guru Rinpoche, who continues to be dwelling at the moment.

• Jesus Christ raised his physique from the grave after three days.

• Enoch walked with God and was no extra (Genesis H:24).

• Mahavatar Babaji and different Indian sadhus have appeared in numerous our bodies lengthy after the time that the majority people surrender their bodily our bodies and embrace dying. My pal, Sondra Ray, has met a lady who’s greater than four hundred years previous.

• In Ascension Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light, Susan Shumsky mentions characters within the Bible who’ve ascended, and she or he names a minimum of two dozen from cultures corresponding to Native American, African, Eastern Indian, and Chinese.

• In the US, Annalee Skarin has disappeared in a single location and reappeared in one other many occasions in entrance of varied);

Then, why can we nonetheless have demise on Earth? Because we’ve not realized that dying is a selection and that we’ve got different choices akin to shifting into a light-weight physique. We commit suicide each day by means of the alternatives we make and the ideas we maintain in our unconscious. The perception that dying is inevitable is a large collective thought type that I examine to a snowball rolling downhill, gathering extra materials because it descends. If just a few who learn it will begin difficult their very own beliefs (we will not change others-we will solely affect them), we will begin leveling the bottom so the snowball slows down. Then, as extra individuals begin embracing immortality, we’ll see the snow ball because the fluffy stuff or phantasm that it truly is. It’s time to recollect and apply empowered choices.