You Are Not Your Thoughts

This article might appear to be some fairly heavy stuff for some, or stronger than I often write, however I ask you to stay with me all the best way to the top. Thoughts occur. They are just like the inventory trade’s quick-shifting digital tickertape, however a lot, a lot quicker. But there are the ideas and there’s the YOU, the “consciousness” receiver of the ideas. When you possibly can distinguish between the 2 or remind your self to do that, you start to launch your self from being a prisoner of your ideas. If or every time this appears a problem, simply remind your self that inside a jail is constraint; outdoors of it’s stream and autonomy.

There is a actual YOU-the infinite consciousness that you’re-that isn’t your physique, your thoughts, or your feelings, as unusual as which will appear. The “you” having the life expertise offers info to your mind based mostly on exterior stimuli as a result of YOU are right here in a physique having experiences that use the fives senses to take action. But you’re all the time, all the time greater than that. When you’ve that feeling that claims, “I know I’m greater than this,” you are proper!

Life feels troublesome and perplexing at occasions, or a great deal of the time, since you’ve believed the 5-sense “you” is the actual one, in addition to all the things the 5 senses enter into your mind, which your mind then decodes to make some sense of that info so you’ll be able to interpret “actuality”. The sense we make of the knowledge is most of the time coloured by our beliefs and our conditioning as a result of the mind filters alerts we obtain about “actuality” to suit our beliefs. Sir Francis Bacon stated: “The world is to not be narrowed until it’ll go into the understanding… however the understanding to be expanded and opened until it could take within the picture of the world as it’s the truth is.”

You need to take a look at what you consider and who you consider it for. If it is not for YOU, you need to take a look at that as nicely. You see, restrictive beliefs end in a restrictive expertise of “actuality”, moderately than an enormous-image, holistic one. Restrictive beliefs, particularly inflexible ones, suppress our potential to open and broaden consciousness. As we broaden our consciousness (truly, carry the veil hiding our consciousness from us), we broaden how our mind decodes info it receives; we discern in another way as a result of we’ve extra info and an improved means to course of it. We and the way we expertise life expands. That’s the one path we and life can go in as soon as we re-thoughts ourselves to broaden our consciousness. You can have one thing of an expertise of who the actual YOU is when you watch Jill Bolte Taylor’s video about her Stroke of Insight, the place she had a direct expertise of full consciousness as one with All There Is in comparison with the I-am-Jill’s thoughts and separate, when she had a stroke that closed off her means to interpret, in the usual method, the alerts her mind acquired concerning the world round her.

The 5-sense “you” depends on these senses to navigate the life expertise. YOU use the 5 senses however you have got a sixth sense (perhaps extra) referred to as instinct, or inside figuring out. Intuition (internal figuring out) shouldn’t be an anomaly only for some. We all have it. I discovered this as a reality when I went by means of the Silva Mind Method coaching a couple of many years in the past. Even the strongest disbelievers within the class carried out, as we needed to, to graduate.

Intuition, or internal figuring out, is a method we plug into the infinite consciousness we’re and are part of. The esoteric ones of previous, and numerous our contemporaries, knew and know this. We is probably not introduced as much as know this about ourselves, we might even be advised it is a “sin” to make use of this a part of our true nature, nevertheless it’s nonetheless there for us, prepared to help our navigation by means of life in methods we want however do not essentially really feel expert at utilizing. But we can put it into apply.

Your 5 senses may cause you to consider the “matrix” is actual, that what the senses understand is all there’s, which is sort of totally different from the actual All There Is-the One Source, which is limitless in what it might provide and supply for you, and does. The fascinating factor about that is that quantum mechanics has confirmed that nothing, no factor, is there. The solely factor there or right here is the consciousness creating the looks of actuality, which is a reasonably spectacular hologram, so spectacular that we will actually bump our heads on it. Ernest Homes wrote, “Nothing strikes however thoughts.” He wrote this fairly some time earlier than quantum mechanics caught up with this as a reality.

This is a very difficult fact for many of us to consider, a lot much less grasp, as a result of although true, it is opposite to what most consider due to what we have been taught and are nonetheless being taught, regardless of the empirical proof (and historic understanding). Humans managed to simply accept that Earth wasn’t the middle of the universe and was spherical, not flat (as soon as they knew they would not be punished or worse for believing that, and as soon as these in authority might not get away with insisting it was flat, and so on.). But this reality about actuality we’re taking a look at here’s a bit more durable to wrap the thoughts round as a result of we have believed the other for therefore lengthy and due to how efficient the physics of all of it is, in addition to what we’re advised “actuality” is.

When ideas occur, somebody-in your case YOU-is there to note them. When an individual’s physique stops, their infinite consciousness departs the physique go well with however does not stop to exist. This is evidenced by out-of-physique experiences, close to-demise experiences, and extra. Even although we all know of those experiences or know individuals who’ve had them, or have had them ourselves, we nonetheless do not essentially combine the complete which means for us into our every day lives.

Many of us who’ve been on the religious or metaphysical path say we consider we’re infinite consciousness. Do we actually consider it, or perceive it? If we’re infinite consciousness after we depart the physique, then we’re infinite consciousness proper now. When we consider solely what our 5 senses provide us with that our brains decode and we (our “you” elements) then interpret based mostly on how we have been conditioned by the varied methods in place that maintain a lot affect over us and our lives (which influences previous, current, and future perceptions and experiences), we reduce ourselves off from our full, true nature. We say we need to be genuine, however what does that imply to us? Will we embrace the very fact we’re greater than our ideas and feelings and physique? Or that, in truth, we aren’t them, that we merely use them whereas we’re right here);

We do not like feeling restricted, however we aren’t too enthusiastic about going the space with what’s being mentioned right here. In reality, it may be scary as a result of we’ll should step away from tribal mentality, which could make the tribe leaders and members a bit peeved with us. (Ever questioned why that’s?) Just that thought, or appearing on it, could make us really feel alone, however solely till we discover others who perceive and reside this. Not going the space is making a selection, one we’re not proud of the outcomes of however are used to, or conditioned for use to, or are afraid to simply accept and permit.

We determine with our ideas, and once we achieve this, we consider they categorical absolute fact. All you need to do is have certainly one of your assumptions confirmed false to see this, which is a minimal type or instance of this. We have tens of hundreds of ideas every day. We, as our 5-sense “you”, might consider we have to consider every of these ideas, just because they’re there. You might recall the revelation that subliminal messages are positioned in films and commercials and extra to affect individuals to purchase merchandise or consider no matter. Are these your ideas? Did you select them? YOU can select your ideas, simply as you’ll be able to select which merchandise on the inventory trade tickertape to concentrate to or give attention to. You actually can.

Is it straightforward to recollect you are greater than your ideas, greater than what the 5 senses point out you’re? Not essentially, as a result of each day you get up and set about coping with no matter you cope with. What’s happening round you or “you”, based mostly in your beliefs, can persuade you to be busy in motion or have busy-thoughts, quite than productive-constructive thoughts, or relaxed thoughts, which is often when inside figuring out communicates with us. With both or each of those busy points happening, who feels they’ve time or power to recollect she or he is infinite consciousness having a human expertise? But we will keep in mind this, even amid the busyness of our lives.

It is essential to make time or keep in mind to plug into the Truth of who we’re and into our reference to the One Source so we do not get misplaced in illusions and delusions. Otherwise, we’re vulnerable to consider we’re weak fairly than robust, caught moderately than artistic and revolutionary, restricted quite than infinite, not in charge of our decisions once we could be, and so forth-despite the fact that some days or throughout some experiences, we really feel restricted greater than infinite; however we will keep in mind and recuperate our footing, if we find out about this within the first place.

It will even assist to know and keep in mind that two of the elements of your mind are the S-complicated, which is liable for our battle, flight, or freeze reactions, and the neocortex, which helps us assume issues via. In the briefest of nutshells, you will have each the power to react based mostly on whether or not you are feeling protected or not, which is predicated in your ideas about occasions, in addition to the power to consider your ideas a bit earlier than you react. One purpose we really feel we will not assume straight or with extra acutely aware consideration once we’re having robust (unfavorable) feelings is as a result of the S-complicated is activated to make sure survival. This is why we will assume straight, or extra consciously, once we’re relaxed, with out busy-thoughts.

The J-complicated can’t distinguish between the previous and current, and is why your physique responds to a adverse reminiscence as if “it is” occurring now, which causes you to behave as if your survival is at stake, even in case you’re mendacity in a hammock, with all the things quiet throughout you. If you depend on the J-complicated too typically or an excessive amount of, you do not train the neocortex. You then create mind “ruts” that lead you down the trail of reactive conduct greater than create neuronal “paths” that result in acutely aware consideration. This alone might encourage you to develop into conscious of ideas and conscious of the thinker.

How are you able to distinguish between ideas and inside figuring out? Thoughts have a loudness high quality to them: they’re insistent. Inner understanding is delicate. It will nudge you a few times then go quiet in the event you do not pay attention. You can virtually really feel ideas in your head, virtually like a film display in your brow dealing with inward. You really feel inside figuring out in your chest middle, perhaps you even really feel it radiate into your limbs, however you do not really feel it in your head. Put one other method, you are feeling it in your coronary heart-power middle, not in your thoughts.

Your ideas might lead you to need to be thought-about intelligent (in any case, cleverness is rewarded), which your thoughts, by way of ideas, can accommodate; however intelligent and sensible usually are not the identical factor. Wisdom is one thing your infinite consciousness offers. Cleverness with out knowledge could be disastrous. It can result in creating issues or taking actions that do extra brief- and lengthy-time period hurt than any actual good, as a result of cleverness does not all the time contemplate ethics, morality, justice, and general properly-being, whereas infinite consciousness all the time does. Cleverness AND knowledge is a useful mixture. We can take a look at our personal lives and at what is going on on round us to see when cleverness, knowledge, or the mixture is used, and when they don’t seem to be.

Our ideas based mostly on solely 5 senses hold us occupied, so occupied that we frequently cannot see the larger image happening round us. However, we will select to place our consideration on our connection to the One Source so we take note who we actually are, which isn’t the ideas we’ve got and never the ideas we’re advised to have or are influenced to have by anybody else. We can take a look at what is going on on in us and round us and confirm whether or not we comply with the trail the One Source would encourage, or the herd. When we understand we’re not our ideas, we will assume and really feel and know for ourselves, and achieve this from a better perspective, a perspective extra akin to the One Source than the “matrix”. It’s a very good apply, one you will respect.

Practice makes progress.

© Joyce Shafer

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